Small Markets can extend their opening hours by `SKIMO powered fridges and shelfs. 
Or be more secure when selling age verification based goods.


`SKIMO enabled hotel room minibars.
Or `SKIMO pwoered vending machines for late-night food and snacks.

Coworking Spaces

From food to goodies or gadgets or useful peripheries - `SKIMO provides a easy-to-use solution.


Extend the opening hours for the modern working environment. Sell more, have more profit and do good in the same time. `SKIMO is already in use for that.


Farmer's shops are great - we love them. So let's make them more secure for the farmers and easy to use for the consumer. `SKIMO is the solution.

Doing good

Not really a branch. But important for us all. `SKIMO is the solution to reduce food or good waste by providing dynamic pricing. And also provides a solution to reduce package waste over automated deposit handling. 

Clothes, Towels...

`SKIMO works also for non-food. So taking out some clothes for the gym or new towels - you can do it.
Also rental based if you want. But there is more - we can even fit whole styles for you - and still you can see whether your size is available still.

Gadgets, Helpers...

Missing a loading cable?
Having troubles with power supply in foreign countries?
Or just want a better headphone?
`SKIMO is there and does help you finding your stuff easily.
No cumbersome tapping, touching, searching, waiting, coinsearching, creditcardfumbling, code-entering... 
Just walk. Unlock. Grab and go.

E-Commerce is fine

But still you need physical places.
The openings of Minimarkets, Brandstores and
the urge of the online commerce giants to go for 'brick-and-mortar' are
an indicator for a better future perspective of 'offline' commerce.
There are five catches - from the customer viewpoint: 

Where I want

Smaller shops or vending facilities have to be as near as possible at the consumer. That is the new mantra. Again is PLACE from utmost importance.
Otherwise online-commerce with its fever for 'as-fast-as-possible' delivery will prevail.

`SKIMO is the answer. Small space - big experience.

What I want

How great would it be if the offline shop would recognize and know me. And show me already products e.g. in an App which I love and are still in? Or - products I really need are beeing shown on top of the App? Or - just I know whether my beloved Super Sandwich is still available. 
All this can be done with `SKIMO now. In the real world. No offense, e-commerce, but we can do it also haptically.

When I want

Delivery times are waiting times. Sometimes a great thing. Sometimes its just nerve-nagging. That's where physical commerce steps in: You walk by, see it, grab it - have it.
And that either durging opending hours as a normal shop with a cashier/POS - and also during off-times, when no personal people is in the shop. 
At least you can do it when you use `SKIMO.

Recognize me

What is more important than cheaper prices or faster delivery times? Knowing me and my habits. That is where traditional retail struggles - clearly also because the sheer size of the shops. Smallers shops, Minimarkets, Vending machines are in a much more better position.
`SKIMO recognizes the customer automatically when the person is in front of it. And we can show dynamic product offers.
`SKIMO is the new way.

Inform me

Data driven business is only valid and useful if all stakeholders are informed equally. And with relevant insights to conclude to a better experience.
Protection of privacy by using non-intrusive technology and getting more for my augmented me out of technology is crucial. Commerce without any frictions is crucial. 
That is where `SKIMO stands out. We provide fluent user experience for a better purchase - every day.

Stay informed

About Us

We are in the process of creating a new brand - in the meantime you can either contact us over the form above or

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