Small Markets can extend their opening hours by `SKIMO powered fridges and shelfs. 
Or be more secure when selling age verification based goods.


`SKIMO enabled hotel room minibars.
Or `SKIMO pwoered vending machines for late-night food and snacks.

Coworking Spaces

From food to goodies or gadgets or useful peripheries - `SKIMO provides a easy-to-use solution.


Extend the opening hours for the modern working environment. Sell more, have more profit and do good in the same time. `SKIMO is already in use for that.


Farmer's shops are great - we love them. So let's make them more secure for the farmers and easy to use for the consumer. `SKIMO is the solution.

Doing good

Not really a branch. But important for us all. `SKIMO is the solution to reduce food or good waste by providing dynamic pricing. And also provides a solution to reduce package waste over automated deposit handling. 

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