With `SKIMO [vending machine]

`SKIMO in action 

Live demonstration of the usage of a B2B2C smart fridge running in Switzerland at different locations. An app, a login, a button - and very good products to choose from.
`SKIMO based technology provides a great customer experience.

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`What ist `SKIMO?

`SKIMO is an intelligent, smart IoT product for the today's world of food/retail vending.

Food Vending Machine

`SKIMO is a great solution for vending machines. It is available 24/7/365 and thus provides customers with food and beverages from salad, hot meals and soft- or sweet drinks. 
`SKIMO is the answer for the modern fast paced lifestyle.

Easy and Fast

Download the app. Register. Go to the `SKIMO enabled fridge for example. The app recognizes in which `SKIMO you are in front of. Open the door. Take what you crave for. Close the door. Done.
Enjoy your meal.


The smart fridge reduces food and package waste. Because of the automatic inventory system we can also provide time or date based discounts. And by proposing what and how much to produce we also help reduce waste at the source. And also we can add a special deposit for e.g. glass bottles or any other item.
This applies also to other sortiments in `SKIMO.


By using the app you can set your preferences or set allergies or intolerances - and automatically filter products in the overview which fit. Taking the wrong out sets an alarm. Easy. Or we can also promote products for better lifestyle. Personalized.
And more to come soon.


`SKIMO is an IoT or IoE product. Thus you always know the state of `SKIMO - inventory management, healthstate, customerbase... - and we help you to sell more by analysing data and proposing you what to put in `SKIMO next. We do also see IoT creating a new thrive for a new economy of micro-enterprises. `SKIMO is the first to provide this idea.

Proven in Market

We already have a customer using `SKIMO technology with success. More than 15'000 products sold in 5 months with about 5 stations - for Switzerland B2B business very good as a number. We want to go further - `SKIMO can be used for new kind of economies, for communities, for buildings, for hotels and many more. Let's ideate!

`SKIMO acronym explained

Don't take this too serious - we just see the following parts as very important


is for S: Finally from production to usage - fully smart analytics to your behalf. So you can become better and better with your production.


ist for K: One click to open. Take out the products you gazed for. Peek at goods. Close the door. Finished and ready to enjoy the food.


ist for I: Always up-to-date inventory. Always. Allergies? We know which products fit you. Want to go on diet? We can help you. 


is for M: The mobile companion app is there to open the door and to bill your treats you've pleasured. And see what is in which `SKIMO and may more things you can think of.


ist for O: Well - we searched what to provide for the 'O' in `SKIMO - so this was the word we encountered. We think of it as the possibility to take out of `SKIMO what you really need now. 

`How does `SKIMO work?

Proven technology combined with our own software provides a solution which is far less costly than other products in the market. But still are easy to use, less intrusive and are easy to integrateable into existing processes.
We do not need a big set of data or a complex network of cameras, sensors and personal-data-inspecting devices - we do not need at least 1 Mio $ of investment in gadgets before our product works.
We use RFID technology. Combined with our own hardware and software - we even built our own firmware to override existing bottlenecks in comparable solutions.
Technology is best when you don't see it - so we are building all needed parts into a beautiful design.
`SKIMO is for example at a  vending machine and works without manual scanning of barcodes or QR-codes. Just open the app at the beginning, open the door, take out whatever you want, close the door and automatically you are billed.

`SKIMO is here to simplify any customer interaction.

Take your existing production or logistics process and add our `SKIMO checkin hardware - be it over an automatic production conveyor belt or for smaller sets a weighing scale - label your products with our provided labels, chose the product - finished is the process - as a side effect: you have always knowledge over your inventory, production dates and used products or ingredients - so `SKIMO does not only help you sell more it also helps you to know and plan better than before about your input.

`SKIMO needs no big adjustments to existing processes


`SKIMO is the new technology for your smart [vending machine]

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