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Mobile App enabled Shopping Experience .
For coffee afficianados.
Everywhere, Everytime.

what is it

`SKIMO provides a new consumer experience for your brand. 

Prolong your physical shops into places where many people are. Beatifully designed self-services shops for people who already know what they want.
Because they love your brand. Not waiting at the stores in line...

A solution your customer can use all time throughout the year wherever you provide it. Your products. One App. One Click - Opens the door of the Shop-in-a-Box. Many products for the customer to take. Takes them. Closes the door - walks away - Done.

More insights into your consumers behaviour. Scarce products are a marketing instrument. We know. But still - provide you consumers with what they know and want. New tastes are still available in e.g. stores. Or in dedicated places. Gamify your business. 

How it works

Best end-user-experience for the new retail.


Tap the 'Open'-Button on your mobile app

`SKIMO is equipped with an electronic lock. Over the app each registered user can open the `SKIMO. And after that - put your mobile on the side, in the pocket... you don't need it anymore when you have once opened the door.

Take out the capsules

Ristretto? Nespresso? Specialities? Your Gusto!

Take out what you need for a greate coffee of yours. If you want you can also browse the products in the app or just have a look at the package. It is like shopping in a shop. Just without the hassle of the cashiers POS. When satisfied - let the door close...

Enjoy your Coffee

Automatic receipt generation

The receipt will be generated for you - so you get notified after everything is paid. No activity needed. No cashier needed. No scanning needed. Just go and be prepared to enjoy your coffee. That's really all. No more interaction needed.

Coffee Capsules

Your customers love your coffee capsules. Good. Give them the opportunity to shop all the time whenever they want. With `SKIMO capsule shop.


The Shop-in-a-box is a shop in a small compartment box with a door which can be opened with the companion app. Open - Take your capsules - enjoy the intake at home.

24/7/all year

A shop where customers can get their coffee intakes all the time around the year. And you can also have a place where your valued customers can get their online orders - all in one neat place.

Be there

Be where your customers are. At a station. At a crowded place. At an event. Round the corner of a busy place. In a well populated resident area. - Just be where your customers are.

Live Demo

Exemplary for the `SKIMO powered smart fridge - see how easy it is. Here the user shows the smartphone. But after opening the user can just put away his phone. Everything is settled for the user by `SKIMO. Your payment is secured.

Fully integrated into the logistics cycle

On every step `SKIMO supports your logistics process. Planification of delivery based on a set of factors internal and external ones. Packaging and providing the right amount at the correct time at the specific place. Supporting the delivery team over an easy-to-use mobile app. And - naturally - giving always online status about many indicators in the `SKIMO - like amount of products, date of production, opened times asf - so you always know what happens and happened.

Cost structure

`SKIMO is your new retail store without any special guideance or people needed to function. It integrates in existing logistics processes and leaves your consumers the choice when to shop.
The following chart is an estimation of the cost structure based on an amount of about 20 machines.

Renting Place Costs


Logistics&Hardware Operations Costs


Hardware Costs


License Costs


Operation&Maintenance Costs


The hardware of your Shop-in-a-Box is placed wherever you like it. It is specially designed for you and created in an agile process together with you. Based on our experience we already create a prototype for you. And yes - we also support AR in our design phase.
Our hardware is proven and consists of standard vending hardware and our `SKIMO add-ons like sensory and affectuors - 

A shop-in-a-box - think of a vending machine but more confortable and more interactive. So you know who is using what und who is buying what. And your consumer is happy because buying is easier than ever.
And also you know always what is critical to deliver and what not. It's not guessing. It is knowing.

Mobile Apps for consumers with best user experience and better useability than ever. Logistics coworkers have their own app where they directly see what to do at your hardware capsuele shop machine. Easy. And you - you have your backend and also if needed integration into your ERP or production system. 
Always everything in sight to analyze and monitor.

Make your Capsule business mobile

`SKIMO is the new technology for your smart coffee vending shop

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