`What is MOOL?


Merging means bringing together things so they can fulfill a better service or outcome. That is what we did with `SKIMO - the smart vending machine. The most unique showcase is the smart fridge, presented at CES2020 in Las Vegas.
And what do we merge? Open below...


What was the conundrum of traditional vending machines? Or the pitfall? Or the problem? Well - you've got no data about neither your customer nor the products as a consumer. So what is the era of online commerce successful aspect? Online overview of stock and inventory.
So we created a vending machine, fulfilling this dream. Finally you as a consumer can see from far away in your app what is in which `SKIMO - whether be it your product of indulgence or your much needed energy fill-up after a sweaty gymn.
`SKIMO has online characteristics at its best. 

Online - not only for consumers but also for the company providing the supply for the `SKIMO - that is our way of creating competitive advantage.


Yes - offline. We are offline - we are in the real world around you. That is where `SKIMO is placed. So the haptic world, the world of odours and touching, the world which you know and love. `SKIMO is more than just standing there it shows you what is has to offer - either from far away or when you are in front of it too. And - it is like a good friend. `SKIMO recognizes you when you are approaching - so that you do not have to choose whether you are in front of it or not. 
No scan, no pin, no code - `SKIMO is your good friend recognizing you.

So - Offline we are - but only so you can go to a `SKIMO and enjoy the products in there.


Logistics are a combination of online and offline and process-support. By providing insightful data to the delivery and replenishing providers we can ameliorate their processes. That reduces costs for up to 30% - not bad.
We integrate fully in the logistics process of companies - from planning up to production and delivering as well as replenishing - we provide data and solutions to create value add.

For instance we also can optimize your delivery process for replenishment - the so called 'traveling salesmen' problem.


Merging Online Commerce,
Offline Access and
Smart Logistics.

E-Commerce is fine

But still you need physical places.
The openings of Minimarkets, Brandstores and
the urge of the online commerce giants to go for 'brick-and-mortar' are
an indicator for a better future perspective of 'offline' commerce.
There are five catches - from the customer viewpoint: 

Where I want

Smaller shops or vending facilities have to be as near as possible at the consumer. That is the new mantra. Again is PLACE from utmost importance.
Otherwise online-commerce with its fever for 'as-fast-as-possible' delivery will prevail.

`SKIMO is the answer. Small space - big experience.

What I want

How great would it be if the offline shop would recognize and know me. And show me already products e.g. in an App which I love and are still in? Or - products I really need are beeing shown on top of the App? Or - just I know whether my beloved Super Sandwich is still available. 
All this can be done with `SKIMO now. In the real world. No offense, e-commerce, but we can do it also haptically.

When I want

Delivery times are waiting times. Sometimes a great thing. Sometimes its just nerve-nagging. That's where physical commerce steps in: You walk by, see it, grab it - have it.
And that either durging opending hours as a normal shop with a cashier/POS - and also during off-times, when no personal people is in the shop. 
At least you can do it when you use `SKIMO.

Recognize me

What is more important than cheaper prices or faster delivery times? Knowing me and my habits. That is where traditional retail struggles - clearly also because the sheer size of the shops. Smallers shops, Minimarkets, Vending machines are in a much more better position.
`SKIMO recognizes the customer automatically when the person is in front of it. And we can show dynamic product offers.
`SKIMO is the new way.

Inform me

Data driven business is only valid and useful if all stakeholders are informed equally. And with relevant insights to conclude to a better experience.
Protection of privacy by using non-intrusive technology and getting more for my augmented me out of technology is crucial. Commerce without any frictions is crucial. 
That is where `SKIMO stands out. We provide fluent user experience for a better purchase - every day.

Data driven

Finally a solution for data driven vending machine. From Planning over Production up to Delivering - `SKIMO provides insightful data.


All interactions are mobile based. Alternatively online card system based. So you as provider have always most actual data. 


A vending machine supporting your own lifestyle and your own favorites. `SKIMO has sfilters, allergy settings, gymn support and other innovative features so your body loves it too.


`SKIMO is like a friend. It recognizes you when you approach it. So - you don't need to scan anything or type a code - Just approach, unlock. enjoy. That's how friends are.


For the provider `SKIMO has also extensive data driven tools. It supports from planning over production or packaging up to delivering - The whole logistics cycle is covered.
`SKIMO generates finally data from a once non-data environment. 
By using mobile apps and proximity-based technology - and still privacy in focus - you as a provider have first time very broad insight into your consumers behaviour.


It is a new retail era. Big malls are closing. Online is growing.

Can classic mall or store based retail still exist? Is the bricks-and-mortar store still feasable? `SKIMO provides a solution to create a clicks-and-mortar store. Be online while beeing in a physical place - like high frequency stations, airports, gas stations - thus providing 24/7 with an autmoated, unmanned retail experience. With many aspects of an online commerce. Data, personalization, payment, supported logistics - and many more.


Sometimes physical place is crucial.

Online is growing and leaving traditional stores behind and deserted. Big malls are no more profitable. So why a phyiscal space? Because humans are need-based. And humans of today want to have their need satisfied fastly. Turn traditional stores or shelvespace into an intelligent, smart, personalised consumer experience place with `SKIMO. Thats what we call 'Near Person Commerce'.


Deliver the right goods to the right place in the right time.

`SKIMO can handle more than one delivery party. Thus - no need to make it all yourself. Make cooperations and let deliver what is most wanted by nearby specialists. Or at certain times like christmas, easter asf - why not indulge your customers with some fresh farm products? `SKIMO makes replenishment easy. Always online invetory. Smart planning, Supported delivery. AI based. Supportive to your delivery team - that's `SKIMO.

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How it works

`SKIMO merges all aspects of current consumer retail experience -
Online, Offline, Brick-and-Mortar.

Download mobile App

Mobile App 

Download the mobile App for iOS and Android, Register, LogIn and Enter your Payment data.

Unlock&Open `SKIMO

Near a `SKIMO? Open it.

One simple touch opens the `SKIMO in front of you. No more to do. Nothing to scan. That's it. Pro's even put the phone in the pocket of the trouser. Hackers put it in Flightmode after opening...

Take your goods...

Your indulgences

When you opened `SKIMO - just take out what you want. Close the door. The rest `SKIMO is doing - no hassle of scanning, codereading, typing... 
Just enjoy what you need.

Get receipt

Full control

You will get a receipt in the app. Even when you set your mobile to flightmode and connect again. Sorry, Hackers - Does not work like that...

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Who we are

Backed by devpoint, `SKIMO is the first product we will launch in the market. It is our foremost modern child and provides a new kind of user experience for the modern world. Where time is scarse, needs are omnipresent and classic user interaction in defined shopping areas do not work. 
So this is `SKIMO. Our Answer.

Market Proven






We provide Hard- and Software for your successful `SKIMO project. Our sensory board integrates in a vast variety of hardwares and sensors and accentuators.

Since more than 30 years we do Hardware and Software projects in a wide branch of sectors.

Since January 2019 we are live on market and are testing the Swiss market together with a big company for gourmet food in business environments in Switzerland. So we know `SKIMO works. 
With a international network of resources we can deliver worldwide solutions in a short time. `SKIMO is always a project - so a bit of work is always to be done. Logistics wise often more ... 

Proven product. Proven technology. Proven Process. Proven peripheries. Proven App. Proven hardware. Proven sensory. Proven materials. 

In a short time we can provide you with a special solution on your behalf. Depending on special conditions from 2 months on you have a new product in your hand.

Useability is in focus - `SKIMO has defined API's and thus provides you with a development basis on which you can built your on app in an ease of time. We support you or can even built the app from scratch with your design.

We have a product factory on hand with great people to work with. 

About Us

We are in the process of creating a new brand - in the meantime you can either contact us over the form above or info@skimo.io

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