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Better Solutions with `SKIMO
The smart IoT customer experience solution.


Some applications which are possible with `SKIMO

New retail store with easy 24/7/365 experience

New Hotel food supply solution - always live inventory

Fresh foods delivered on the curve or into a community.

New Vending Machine economy with multi-delivery possibilities

Smart Fridge for a canteen when the canteen has closed. Full live inventory.

and many more ideas you can now realize with `SKIMO in a very fast timefram.

24/7 365

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Working Around The Globe

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Online Services

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Always Progress

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Our Mission

Retail industry including procurement, storage, package, handling, transportation, distribution, sales and service, which is a whole supply chain linked together.
Companies must be in real-time and accurately grasp the changes in business flow, logistics, information flow and capital flow. RFID technology can bring enormous benefits for retailers and suppliers and customers; it makes the supply chain system much more simple and easier, automatic tracking goods' status in an efficient way. In addition, RFID also provides advanced data collection methods to facilitate customer transactions, and efficient ways of operating, fast and insightful strategic decisions and more benefits which bar code technology cannot replace.

`SKIMO is faster, cheaper and less intrusive in privacy than other solutions

With our market proven solution we provided `SKIMO for a new digitization project for one of the biggest business canteen providers in Switzerland. And it is a huge success - with an acceptance rate of customers much higher than any other solution. More than 15'000 sold products in about 5 months time out ot the smart fridge proof the case. 

`SKIMO supports retail and logistics processes out of the box

`SKIMO logistics process - adaptable and integreatable into your existing processes

Who we are

Backed by devpoint, `SKIMO is the first product we will launch in the market. It is our foremost modern child and provides a new kind of user experience for the modern world. Where time is scarse, needs are omnipresent and classic user interaction in defined shopping areas do not work. 
So this is `SKIMO. Our Answer.

Market Proven






We provide Hard- and Software for your successful `SKIMO project. Our sensory board integrates in a vast variety of hardwares and sensors and accentuators.

Since more than 30 years we do Hardware and Software projects in a wide branch of sectors.

Since January 2019 we are live on market and are testing the Swiss market together with a big company for gourmet food in business environments in Switzerland. So we know `SKIMO works. 
With a international network of resources we can deliver worldwide solutions in a short time. `SKIMO is always a project - so a bit of work is always to be done. Logistics wise often more ... 

Proven product. Proven technology. Proven Process. Proven peripheries. Proven App. Proven hardware. Proven sensory. Proven materials. 

In a short time we can provide you with a special solution on your behalf. Depending on special conditions from 2 months on you have a new product in your hand.

Useability is in focus - `SKIMO has defined API's and thus provides you with a development basis on which you can built your on app in an ease of time. We support you or can even built the app from scratch with your design.

We have a product factory on hand with great people to work with. 


`SKIMO is the new technology for your smart [fridge, take away, vending machine] -
Choose one!

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About Us

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