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24 hours a day.
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Make business. Even when the shops are closed. Make it happen - with 'SKIMO.

'SKIMO - the solution for the new vending experience: Personal. Digital. Informed. Easy.

Unattended Retail - with 'SKIMO it is your new business model.

`Why `SKIMO is so important?

`SKIMO revolutionizes the vending machine business. Because it solves the three main issues of the today's traditional vending problems:

Data & Information

Traditional Vending Machine Business lacks data and information. Either about the customer and its favorites or dislikes - as well as a good and insightful inventory about the machine. And the customer himself is also left without data about food or items. Or do you like it having bought a soup when you just recognize you have an allergy agains an ingredient?

`SKIMO solves this problems. Online inventory, full data and information insights for the company. As well as extensive information and filtering for the end-customer. And many more features.


The cost factor of wrong or incorrect delivery and / or replacing goods is high in the vending machine business. We tackle that in `SKIMO by having extensive anayltics up to the production and delivery units. And integration into your logistics processes. No more production or central storage of goods non valued by customer. Or - no more delivery in vain. Because we tell the suppliers what, where, when and how much to deliver. And even support the delivery persons via a mobile app.

Total control, total cost efficiency, total overview. To minimize resources efforts.


Mobile Apps for End-consumers, Companies, Delivery contractors and an extensive API. The most easy user experience for the end-consumer ever. Just press the button in the mobile app to unlock the `SKIMO door, take your goods and go - the rest is done by `SKIMO.

That simplicity we built in into every solution of `SKIMO. 

3, 2, 1 - Product sold

'SKIMO has the power to transform your business

Be part of the New Retail Revolution - with `SKIMO.
IoT and Innovation driven vending.
That's the future.
It's easy.


The new user experience without barriers and information gaps.

`Most easy user experience

View here - your endconsumer, the one purchasing something from your vending machine.

1. Register in mobile App

Download the mobile app and register your profile for `SKIMO. You can enter your Credit Card information too. 

Alternatively we support also all online payment systems or employer cards.

2. Get near a `SKIMO

when you are near a `SKIMO the app shows you the screen to open the fridge.
No scanning needed.
No manual selection.
Open the door.

It even works when you put the mobile in your pocket after opening.

3. Take products and Enjoy

When `SKIMO opens - take out your products you crave for and close the door - `SKIMO even closes the door for you.

After a short time you will receive the receipt for your purchase.

For you as provider of `SKIMO enabled vending machine / fridge: 
- you have always live data about what, where, how much and which 'state' is still available
- you can do production and delivery optimization based on our data
- an more - like dynamic pricing, integration of supplier chain asf - 


`SKIMO knows what is in the cabinet / box / fridge. Thus you always have an actual inventory. And your customers too. No more frustration

`Mobile App

`SKIMO is fully useable with a mobile App. By your inventory manager, your provider and your customer. Identified interaction.


The modern way to interact with the fridge or any box is with `SKIMO. Open by a click of the button in the app, take the goods and go away. Automatic invoicing. No hassle or manual interaction needed.


Products which are liked and loved can be put in the fridge by the delivery person anytime. Products with an expiring date will be shown in the DeliveryApp to take it out. Opportunistic planning 

`WHat you can do...

Examples of `SKIMO enabled Use Cases


A smart fridge for B2B2C markets. Deliver your food to offices, events and other places - directly to the users.
`SKIMO covers the whole production, delivery and inventory process for you.

Take Away

A `SKIMO enabled smart box with take away goods. You open the box over the app, take the product and get invoiced automatically. Hands free experience. 
Imagine what you can do.


A completely new shop experience. Enter the shop, take goods - Appprove the amount in the app or on the desk - go out and enjoy. No scanning of code needed. That simple. And not as costly as cameras asf.


Finally a hotel bar - in your room to - where all goods are automatically billed and replenished. You drink your gin - the next time you enter your room there is a new one. Simple.


Ever wondered where your tools are going? Or when to do a service? Or need another business idea - speaking of Shareconomy? `SKIMO powered tools lending is there for you.


Do you like your coffee? Don't like to be standing in a row? So - why not try out `SKIMO powered coffee tab vending machine?  Open 7*24*365 (or 366) - For your daily coffee indose!

More information?

Get in contact with us - let's discuss what we can do together.

Who we are

Backed by devpoint, `SKIMO is the first product we will launch in the market. It is our foremost modern child and provides a new kind of user experience for the modern world. Where time is scarse, needs are omnipresent and classic user interaction in defined shopping areas do not work. 
So this is `SKIMO. Our Answer.

Market Proven






We provide Hard- and Software for your successful `SKIMO project. Our sensory board integrates in a vast variety of hardwares and sensors and accentuators.

Since more than 30 years we do Hardware and Software projects in a wide branch of sectors.

Since January 2019 we are live on market and are testing the Swiss market together with a big company for gourmet food in business environments in Switzerland. So we know `SKIMO works. 
With a international network of resources we can deliver worldwide solutions in a short time. `SKIMO is always a project - so a bit of work is always to be done. Logistics wise often more ... 

Proven product. Proven technology. Proven Process. Proven peripheries. Proven App. Proven hardware. Proven sensory. Proven materials. 

In a short time we can provide you with a special solution on your behalf. Depending on special conditions from 2 months on you have a new product in your hand.

Useability is in focus - `SKIMO has defined API's and thus provides you with a development basis on which you can built your on app in an ease of time. We support you or can even built the app from scratch with your design.

We have a product factory on hand with great people to work with. 


We set together some links to articles and content with relation to `SKIMO technology

Self Service? Grows!

On the go and take away purchase are  on the rise.
`SKIMO is the intelligent, affordable solution.

When? Now!

Instant satisfactions of needs are a must today.
`SKIMO is the helping hand for you and your customers.

What? I like!

User Insights are key to success. That lacks current solutions.
`SKIMO has built-in analytics.

How? Easy!

Open - take - go - use. No fumbling with cards or gates.
`SKIMO has the easiest payment ever.

Costs? Efficient!

Proven technology, not pricey technology or fancy camera-wifi-tracking.
`SKIMO is for the cost savy industries.

'Many people - one Aim

We are a team of dedicated people with the urge to create the best user friendly vending experience. `SKIMO is our first iteration.
It is the first solution for vending machines integrating ONLINE, OFFLINE and LOGISTICS into one beautiful solution. 
And even more. Helping all users - be it companies or end consumers - to gain more from the experience.
Data Driven business.

Contact Daniel if you want to know more.
We bring your solution to life.
With our dedicated team.

Daniel P. Schmidt

Your contact for german, english
and some french language.

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