Data Driven Vending

User friendly.
Multi purpose.

`SKIMO is the new retail vending machine.
The B2B businesses rocket.


Most easy user experience for everyone with the mobile Apps from `SKIMO.
For the endconsumer an informative app.
For the delivery persons a supportive wizard guided solution.
For the logistics a powerful app to the backend. 


`SKIMO is your personal information center. What is where in a `SKIMO. What is the price and many more information. `SKIMO also protects privacy - so no camera. 
By the way - `SKIMO is AI powered and is getting to know you better and better.


We provide you with all the data you need to create better processes and sell more. 
Transactional data, Usage data, Product Information, Hardware Sensory, Contextual data like temperature or others - all combined. So you can steer your production/packaging as well the delivery units - to speed up profit.


`SKIMO is independant from any production or producer.  Our focus is to give you all the best instruments in your hands to make your business successful. 


We already have tens of thousands of transactions since 12 months over `SKIMO. So we know it works and is highly esteemed by the consumers.
Already we also provide insights for production and delivery - thus `SKIMO is getting better and better.

The vending machine conundrum. Solved.

`SKIMO provides data and insights over transactions and inventory -
live and without delay.
Information about products in a `SKIMO? Yes we have.
Information about delivery need? Yes, we have.
Data to generate a better offer? Yes, we have.
`SKIMO is the first offline solution to provide full data as e-commerce solutions in online business.

About Us

We are in the process of creating a new brand - in the meantime you can either contact us over the form above or

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